University of Kashmir
View18 Jul 2024Notification No. 1 IMBA 3rd semester batch 2018-2022 examination of Jan, 2024
View05 Jul 2024MBACME 4th semester batch 2021 examination of March, 2024
View04 Jul 2024MBA (FM) 3rd semester (Batch 2021-2022) examination of April , 2024
View04 Jul 2024MBA (FM) 1st semester (Batch 2021-2023) examination of May , 2024
View28 Jun 2024MTECHCS 1st semester examination held in May, 2024
View27 Jun 2024Notification 3 Re-Evaluation Post Basic Nursing 1st year (Batch 2022) Exam held in Nov, 2023
View26 Jun 2024MTECHDM 3rd semester examination held in Feb, 2024
View11 Jun 2024Notification No. 1 PGDHI (Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi) Examination held in May-June, 2024
View03 Jun 2024Notification No.1 Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing 2nd Year (Batch 2021) of October, 2023
View09 May 2024Notification No. 1 BA LLB 9th Semester(Special Illness )Concession examination of March-2024
View01 May 2024MTECHCS 2nd semester (Batch 2022) examination held in Dec, 2023
View01 May 2024MTECHCS 3rd semester (Batch 2022)examination held in Jan, 2024
View29 Apr 2024Notification No. 04 MCA 4th semester (Batch 2021) examination of November, 2023
View25 Apr 2024MBA (FM) 4th semester Special examination of March, 2024
View22 Apr 2024MSCIT 4th semester (Batch 2020-2021) examination of Oct, 2023
View12 Apr 2024M.Phil Clinical Psychology 2nd year examination of June 2023
View20 Mar 2024Notification No. 1 IMBA 10th semester examination held in January, 2024
View19 Mar 2024M.A Mass Communication & Journalism 4th semester (Batch 2021) examination of Nov , 2023
View19 Mar 2024MED 4th semester (Batch 2019-2021) examination held in Nov, 2023
View12 Mar 2024Notification No. 1 LLB Honors 4th Semester(Special Illness )Concession examination of Jan-2024
View01 Mar 2024MCA 2nd semester (Batch 2020-2022) examination of Dec , 2023
View29 Feb 2024M.Sc Bio-Technology 4th semester batch 2021Examination of Dec, 2023
View31 Jan 2024MTTM 4th semester (Batch 2019-2021) examination of Dec, 2023
View31 Jan 2024Notification No. 03 MBA 4th semester (Batch 2021) examination of Dec , 2023
View30 Jan 2024Notification No. 04 MBA 4th semester (Batch 2021) examination of Dec , 2023