Course Structure for Master of Technology in Embedded Systems and Solutions

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
MTECHES Batch 2017 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 8)
Sem/Year 1st
ESS101P Principles of Electronic Circuits, Devices and Systems 0.00
ESS102P Programming and Problem Solving Techniques 0.00
ESS103C Fundamentals of Embedded Systems 4.00
ESS104C Microcontrollers for Embedded System Design 4.00
ESS105C Advanced Digital System Design 4.00
ESS106C Wireless Communication and Networks 4.00
ESS107L Embedded System Design Lab 4.00
ESS108L Advanced Digital System Design and Wireless Communication Lab 4.00
MTECHES Batch 2017 Level 3 Core Papers (Required: 7)
Sem/Year 3rd
ESS301C Digital Signal Processor and Architecture 4.00
ESS302C Mixed Signal Embedded Systems 4.00
ESS303E1 Embedded System Security and Forensics 4.00
ESS303E2 Network on Chip 4.00
ESS303E3 Adhoc and Wireless Sensor Networks 4.00
ESS303E4 Embedded Networks and Protocols 4.00
ESS304E1 Internet of Things 4.00
ESS304E2 RF Microelectronics 4.00
ESS304E3 Industrial Robotics 4.00
ESS305E1 Soft Computing Techniques 4.00
ESS305E2 Digital Communication Techniques 4.00
ESS305E3 Automotive Embedded Electronics 4.00
ESS305E4 RF Engineering 4.00
ESS306L Mixed Signal and DSP Systems Lab 3.00
ESS307PI Pre-Project/Pre-Intership 2.00