Course Structure for

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
MSES Batch 2019 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 10)
Sem/Year 1st
ENS18101CR Fundamentals of Environmental Science 4.00
ENS18102CR Environmental Chemistry 4.00
ENS18103CR Laboratory Course 4.00
MSES Batch 2019 Level 1 Discipline Centric Electives (Required: 10)
Sem/Year 1st
ENS18104DCE Environmental Geosciences 4.00
ENS18105DCE Environmental Toxicology 4.00
ENS18106DCE Mountain Ecology 2.00
ENS18107DCE Human and Environment 2.00
MSES Batch 2019 Level 1 Generic Electives (Required: 10)
Sem/Year 1st
ENS18001GE Basics of Ecology and Environment 2.00
ENS18002GE Environmental Issues 2.00
MSES Batch 2019 Level 1 Open Electives (Required: 10)
Sem/Year 1st
ENS18001OE Environmental Ethics and Sociology 2.00