Course Structure for Masters in Craft Management and Entreprenuership

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
MCME Batch 2017 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 8)
Sem/Year 1st
MCME14101CR Management & Organizational Behavior 4.00
MCME14102CR Fundamental of Design 4.00
MCME14103CR Accounting and Costing 4.00
MCME14104EA Design Representation Techniques 4.00
MCME14105EA Craft Environment Exposure 4.00
MCME14106EA Creative & Strategic Thinking 4.00
MCME14107EA Management Information System 4.00
MCME14108EO Design Methods 4.00
MCME Batch 2017 Level 2 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 2nd
MCME14201CR History of Craft & Design 4.00
MCME14202CR Material Processes & Technology 4.00
MCME14203CR Craft Marketing 4.00
MCME14204EA Business Communication 4.00
MCME14205EA Craft Economics 4.00
MCME14206EA Research Methodology 4.00
MCME14207EA Sales & Distribution Management 4.00
MCME14208EO Computer Aided Design 4.00