Course Structure for Bachelors in Rehabilitation Therapy

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
BRT Batch 2017 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 3)
Sem/Year 1
BRT11 Human Anatomy 0.00
BRT12 Human Development 0.00
BRT13 Psycho-Social Counselling 0.00
BRT Batch 2017 Level 2 Core Papers (Required: 3)
Sem/Year 2
BRT21 Disability and Rehabilitation 0.00
BRT22 Research Methodology 0.00
BRT23 Statistics 0.00
BRT Batch 2017 Level 3 Core Papers (Required: 3)
Sem/Year 3
BRT31 Locomotor Disability 0.00
BRT32 Physical and Exercise Therapy 0.00
BRT33 Therapeutic Activities, Functional Training, Aids and Appliances 0.00
BRT Batch 2017 Level 4 Core Papers (Required: 3)
Sem/Year 4
BRT41 Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation 0.00
BRT42 Speech and Language 0.00
BRT43 Management of Speech and Language Disorders 0.00
BRT Batch 2017 Level 5 Core Papers (Required: 3)
Sem/Year 5
BRT51 Eye and Eye Care 0.00
BRT52 Psycho-social Implications of Blindness and Visual Impairment 0.00
BRT53 Education of Visually Impaired and Low Vision Children 0.00
BRT Batch 2017 Level 6 Core Papers (Required: 3)
Sem/Year 6
BRT61 Mental Retardation and Learning Disability (Old) 0.00
BRT62 Assessment and Curriculum Development 0.00
BRT63 Management of Children with Mental Retardation and Children with Learning Disability 0.00