Course Structure for Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics and Communication)

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
BEELEX Batch 2017 Level 7 Core Papers (Required: 12)
Sem/Year 7
ECE700 Seminar 0.00
ECE701 Micro Controller 0.00
ECE702L Micro Controller Lab 0.00
ECE703 Microwave Engineering 0.00
ECE704L Microwave Engineering Lab 0.00
ECE705 Optical Fiber Communication 0.00
ECE706L Optical Fiber Communication Lab 0.00
ECE709 Computer Hardware & Organization 0.00
ECE707 Wireless Communication 0.00
ECE717 Digital Signal Processing 0.00
ECE718L Digital Signal Processing Lab 0.00
ELE701 Wireless Communication Lab 0.00