University of Kashmir


Elective Papers for Distance Mode, Spring 2018 Examination

Programme: Elective Papers Distance Examination Session: Jun-Jul
Level: 6 Academic Session: Spring 2018
Subject CodeSubject TitleDateTime
AR15109GE Arabic Grammar-I Thursday, June 28, 201812:00 PM
ECO15107GE General Economics Wednesday, May 23, 201812:00 PM
EDU15107GE Special Education-I Monday, June 04, 201812:00 PM
HS15106GE History of Ancient India (Upto Mauryas) Saturday, May 26, 201812:00 PM
HS15107GE Women in Ancient India Saturday, June 02, 201812:00 PM
HS15108OE Kashmir Under Dogras Tuesday, May 29, 201812:00 PM
IS15108GE Dawah and its Practices Thursday, May 17, 201812:00 PM
IS15110OE Ethics in Islam: Basic Concepts and Development Wednesday, June 06, 201812:00 PM
LIS15111OE Library and Information Services Monday, May 28, 201812:00 PM
LM15121OE Fundamentals of Constitutional Law Thursday, May 24, 201812:00 PM
LN15110GE English Communicative Skills Thursday, May 31, 201812:00 PM
LN15111OE Introduction to Linguistics Wednesday, June 27, 201812:00 PM
MBAFM15110OE Book Keeping and Accounting Wednesday, May 30, 201812:00 PM
MCA15110OE Computer Fundamentals Thursday, June 07, 201812:00 PM
MM15109GE Numerical Methods Wednesday, February 27, 201912:00 PM
MM15111OE Introduction to Numbers Saturday, February 16, 201912:00 PM
MTTM15108GE Tourism Products of Jammu and Kashmir Tuesday, May 22, 201812:00 PM
MTTM15109GE Fundamentals of Tourism Monday, February 18, 201912:00 PM
PED15106GE Sports Management Wednesday, June 13, 201812:00 PM
PSY15109OE Principles of Psychology Thursday, February 21, 201912:00 PM
SOC15111OE Environment and Society Saturday, May 19, 201812:00 PM
SW15106GE Conflict Mitigation and Peace Building Monday, June 25, 201812:00 PM
SW15107GE NGO Formation and Management Tuesday, June 05, 201812:00 PM
UR15110OE Introduction to Urdu Ghazal Tuesday, June 26, 201812:00 PM

Note: Only those papers are shown above for which the date of examination has been fixed.
Reference: DISTANCEELECTIVES-2018/Sem 6/3142
Date Printed: 14-07-2024