B.Ed Internal Assessment Awards Batch 2022-2024

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Exam Roll No:  
  1. Candidates are directed to check their language paper properly.
  2. The minimum pass marks in the internal assessment test is 08 out of 20 and 16 out of 40 in Internal Practice of Teaching.
  3. Candidates who have not been alloted Examination Roll No. can use 99999999 as their Roll No.
  4. Candidates having examination roll numbers but still using 99999999 as roll no must submit grievance specifying their actual examination roll number
  5. Candidates who have genuine grievances should submit the online grievance form  by or before 26-01-2024.To submit the same click on link given Click here
  6. Codes for Language papers:
    BED15205A is code for teaching of English
    BED15205B is code for teaching of Urdu
    BED15205C is code for teaching of Hindi
    BED15205D is code for teaching of Punjabi
    BED15205E is code for teaching of Kashmiri
    BED15205F is code for teaching of Arabic



Course CodeCourse Title
1st Semester
BED15101Foundation Of Education
BED15102Learning & Development
BED15103Population & Gender Education
BED15104Inclusive Education
BED15105Environmental Education
INT1School Internship
Course CodeCourse Title
2nd Semester
BED15201Development of Education in India
BED15202Educational Guidance & Counselling
BED15203Educational Technology & ICT
BED15204Teacher Education
BED15205Teaching of English/Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi/Kashmiri/Arabic
INT2ASchool Internship
INT2BMicroteaching – Major Skills