Course Structure for

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
LLB Batch 2019 1st Semester Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 1st
LB101C Law of Crimes-I 0.00
LB102C Law of Contract-I 0.00
LB103C Family Law-I (LB103C) 0.00
LB104C Law of Torts 0.00
LB105C Public International Law (LB105C) 0.00
LB108 General Viva Voce (LB108) 0.00
LLB Batch 2019 1st Semester Electives (Required: 1)
Sem/Year 1st
LB106OP Local Law-I 0.00
LB107OP Biodiversity 0.00
LLB Batch 2019 Level 2 Core Papers (Required: 5)
Sem/Year 2nd
LB201C Law of Crimes-II(Specific Offenses) 0.00
LB202C Law of Contract-II(Special Contracts, Partnership Act, and Sale of Goods Act 0.00
LB203C Family Law-II(Hindu Law) 0.00
LB204C Environmental Law 0.00
LB205C Company Law 0.00
LLB Batch 2019 Level 2 Open Electives (Required: 1)
Sem/Year 2nd
LB206OP Local Law-II 0.00
LB207OP Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law 0.00
LLB Batch 2019 Level 3 Core Papers (Required: 8)
Sem/Year 3rd
LB301C Jurisprudence-I 0.00
LB302C Constitutional Law-I 0.00
LB303C Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 0.00
LB304C Criminal Procedure Code 0.00
LB305S Media and Law 0.00
LB306S Legislative Drafting 0.00
LB307S Forensic Science 0.00
LB308S Criminology Psychology 0.00
LB309S Banking Law including Negotiable Instruments Act 0.00
LB310S Insurance Law 0.00
LB311OP Local Laws-III 0.00
LB312OP International Labour Organization and Labour Laws 0.00
LLB Batch 2019 Level 4 Core Papers (Required: 7)
Sem/Year 4th
LB401C Jurisprudence-II(Basic Concepts) 0.00
LB402C Constitutional Law-II 0.00
LB403C Law of Evidence 0.00
LB404C Administrative Law 0.00
LB405S Health Law 0.00
LB406S Law on Education 0.00
LB407S International Criminal Law 0.00
LB408S Penology and Victimology 0.00
LB409S Competition Law 0.00
LB410S Equity and Trust 0.00
LB411OP Local Law-IV 0.00
LB412OP International Trade Law 0.00