Course Structure for Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
BTECHMCE Batch 2016 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 9)
Sem/Year 1
CHM1217 Engineering Chemistry 3.00
CHM1217L Engineering Chemistry Lab 2.00
CSE1417 Introduction to Computing 3.00
CSE1417L Introduction to Computing Lab 2.00
ELE1317 Basic Electrical Engineering 3.00
ELE1317L Basic Electrical Engineering Lab 2.00
HUM1517 Communication Skills 2.00
MEE1617 Engineering Graphics & Drawing 4.00
MTH1117 Engineering Mathematics-I 4.00
BTECHMCE Batch 2016 Level 2 Core Papers
Sem/Year 2