Course Structure for Bachelor of Physiotherapy

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
BPT Batch 2017 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 1
BPT101 Anatomy 0.00
BPT102 Physiology 0.00
BPT103 Biochemistry 0.00
BPT104 Biomechanics 0.00
BPT105 Section A Psychology 0.00
BPT106 Section A Sociology 0.00
BPT Batch 2017 Level 2 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 2
BPT201 Section A Pathology/Section B Microbiology 0.00
BPT202 Section B Microbiology 0.00
BPT203 Pharmacology 0.00
BPT204 Exercise Therapy 0.00
BPT205 Electrotherapy 0.00
BPT206 Research Methodology and Biostatics 0.00
BPT Batch 2017 Level 3 Core Papers (Required: 5)
Sem/Year 3
BPT301 General Medicine 0.00
BPT302 General Surgery 0.00
BPT303 Orthopaedics and Traumatology 0.00
BPT304 Orthopaedics and Sports Physiotherapy 0.00
BPT305 Cardio Respiratory and General Physiotherapy 0.00