Course Structure for Bachelor of Law (Integrated BA-LLB)

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Code Subject Title (Click to View/Download Syllabus) Credits
BALLB Batch 2019 Level 1 Core Papers (Required: 7)
Sem/Year 1st
BLB101C English-I(General English) 0.00
BLB102C Economics-I 0.00
BLB103C History-I 0.00
BLB104C Political Science-I 0.00
BLB105C Law of Torts, Motor Vehicles Act and Consumer Protection Act 0.00
BLB106C Law of Crimes-I(General Principles) 0.00
BLB107C General Viva Voce 0.00
BALLB Batch 2019 Level 2 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 2nd
BLB201C English-II(English and Legal Language I) 0.00
BLB202C Economics-II 0.00
BLB203C History - II (Legal History) 0.00
BLB204C Political Science-II 0.00
BLB205C Law of Crimes-II(Specific Offences) 0.00
BLB206C Law of Contract-I(General Principles and Specific Relief) 0.00
BLB207C General Viva Voce 0.00
BALLB Batch 2019 Level 3 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 3rd
BLB301C English-III(Literature and Law-Part A) 0.00
BLB302C History-III(Constitutional History) 0.00
BLB303C Political Science-III(Public Administration Part A) 0.00
BLB304C Law of Contracts-II(Special Contracts) 0.00
BLB305C Family Law-I(Muslim Law) 0.00
BLB306C Jurisprudence-I 0.00
BALLB Batch 2019 Level 4 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 4th
BLB401C English-IV(Literature and Law- Part B) 0.00
BLB402C Sociology-I 0.00
BLB403C Political Science-IV(Public Administration Part B) 0.00
BLB404C Family Law-II(Hindu Law) 0.00
BLB405C Jurisprudence-II(Basic Concepts) 0.00
BLB406C Constitutional Law-I 0.00
BALLB Batch 2019 Level 5 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 5th
BLB501C Psychology-I 0.00
BLB502C Sociology-II 0.00
BLB503C Constitutional Law-II 0.00
BLB504C Property Law 0.00
BLB505C Company Law 0.00
BLB506C Administrative Law 0.00
BALLB Batch 2019 Level 6 Core Papers (Required: 6)
Sem/Year 6th
BLB601C Psychology-II 0.00
BLB602C Sociology-III(Anthropology) 0.00
BLB603C Environmental Law 0.00
BLB604C Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 0.00
BLB605C Criminal Procedure Code 0.00
BLB606C Law of Evidence 0.00