University of Kashmir


Supplementary Autumn 2017 Examination for Bachelors of Nursing (Hons.) Level 1 Examination

Programme: Bachelors of Nursing (Hons.) Examination Session: Oct-Nov
Level: 1 Academic Session: Autumn 2017
Subject CodeSubject TitleDateTime
BNC101 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY Thursday, October 12, 201710:30 AM
BNC102 NUTRITION & BIOCHEMISTRY Saturday, October 14, 201710:30 AM
BNC103 NURSING FOUNDATION Monday, October 16, 201710:30 AM
BNC104 PSYCHOLOGY Wednesday, October 18, 201710:30 AM
BNC105 MICROBIOLOGY Saturday, October 21, 201710:30 AM
BNC106 GENERAL ENGLISH Monday, October 23, 201710:30 AM
BNC107 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER Wednesday, October 25, 201710:30 AM

Note: Only those papers are shown above for which the date of examination has been fixed.
Reference: BNC-2017/Sem 1/2822
Date Printed: 21-05-2019